Vanessa Bryant Posts Wholesome Video Of Capri Saying 'Dada' While Holding A Pic Of Kobe

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Credit: VanessaBryant/IG

Credit: VanessaBryant/IG

It's been exactly 8 months since Kobe Bryant left this world in a fatal helicopter crash. The Los Angeles Lakers legend will be always remembered by all the people that met him and was part of his life. Even the little ones that couldn't spend so much time watching him are going to know about Kobe and the prime sample of that is his youngest daughter, Capri Bryant.

Recently, Vanessa Bryant shared a short video of Capri holding a picture of his father and saying 'Dada', calling the player repeatedly. This is one of the best things you'll see today and probably in the week or the month.

This is a whole different level of wholesomeness and we live for it. Capri just celebrated his first birthday last June 20 and Vanessa has made sure to share more of Capri over the last couple of months.

Vanessa is doing a remarkable job taking care of her family after Kobe passed away and he seems very happy to be with her daughters, sharing as much time as they can. Kobe was a great father and his wife is surely a great mother. Sadly, life had different plans for them and now Vanessa is raising three daughters to live up to the example of their parents.