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Video: Charles Barkley Flames Kevin Durant On Live Television


Charles Barkley has never been known as a man to mince words. The things he does and says on live television is pretty bold compared to where most others draw the line.

So when Kevin Durant went shirtless in the Warriors' 131-128 loss to the Raptors on Thursday night (after losing a bet to the culture legend Drake), Barkley was quick to seize the opportunity to point out the star's rather slim demeanor, right on live tv.

Charles: "Jesus... Is that a cadaver? A Happy meal wouldn't hurt the brother."

Ernie: "He had 51 points."

Charles: "He would have 55 if he had a hamburger."

At nearly 7 feet tall, KD is pretty thin for his size. Some argue that putting on a few pounds would do him some good.

Then again, with an average scoring output of 30.1 points per game this season, and being recognized as one of the league's best players, he seems to be doing just fine so far. Just ask the two Finals MVPs in his trophy case.

As always, his game does a lot of the talking. Well that, and blasting people on Twitter. Good thing Barkley doesn't have one!