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Video: Dennis Rodman Proves He’s Not From This Planet

Credit: Dennis Rodman

Credit: Dennis Rodman

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman keeps finding ways to impress fans. Rodman is famous for his eccentric personality and how he entertains fans with his occurrences. This time, though, he’s taken things to the next level, playing with people’s minds.

The former Chicago Bulls star is a huge fan of cigars and it looks like he’s taken his fanaticism to a whole different dimension.

Rodman posted a video of yet another body modification on Instagram. This time the implant seems to be machinery to deliver cigars right out of his hand. The post captioned ‘Not. Of. This. World’, shows Rodman asking viewers to focus on his right forearm.

He seems to have a piece of curious machinery with shutters on his forearm. When these shutters open up, the machine offers a Cuban cigar to Rodman. He takes it, lights it and makes a puff. It’s pretty interesting how that thing works and what’s the exact purpose of this machine, but is Dennis Rodman we’re talking about, a lot of things don’t make sense about this guy.

The 5-time NBA champion is known for pranking his followers and this video may well be another one for the big man. Still, the video is pretty cool to see, so it serves its purpose.