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Video: How Danny Green And Alex Caruso Will Look At A Lakers Game In 2050

Credit: KingJosiah54/TW

Credit: KingJosiah54/TW

One fan posted a video of how Danny Green and Alex Caruso would look at a Lakers game in 2050. In a star-studded game between the Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, we got to watch Lionel Richie sitting courtside at the Staples Center.

Twitter user Josiah Johnson shared a video in which Richie appeared talking with film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, captioning it in a great way.

“How Danny Green and Caruso gonna look at a Lakers game in 2050,” Johnson wrote.

Of course, fans reacted quickly, praising Josiah for his tweet, admitting there was some resemblance between the guys in the video and the mentioned players.

In the end, the Lakers won the game with extreme ease, so it’s fair to say Richie and Katzenberg had as much fun as Twitter fans with Johnson’s imagination.