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Video: Karl-Anthony Towns Hilariously Punches Paul George In Crazy 1-on-1

Credit: Youtube

Credit: Youtube

We still have to wait before the beginning of the 2019/20 NBA season, so everybody is trying to kill some time before training camp starts. Even players are doing anything to have fun while we wait for the new campaign to start.

Players like Karl-Anthony Towns and Paul George are trying to have some fun before they join their respective teams in training camp. The two stars met to play and had a little bit of fun in front of the camera, giving us a hilarious video. Sadly, it involved a bit of violence:

Just in case somebody didn’t notice, they weren’t actually fighting. The footage shows that the punch didn’t connect and George just overreacted. However, watching him arguing with a referee while there’s a camera on his face and Towns celebrating in the background is pretty fun to watch. If you add the background song to the video, it gets a lot funnier.

We don’t know what’s the purpose of the video, but it shows two NBA stars having fun together, trying to help fans to have fun, too. Of course, there will be people speculating and saying PG-13 was actually trying to recruit KAT to the already-dangerous Clippers.