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Video: LaVar Bricks Insane Amount Of Jumpers In Front Of Live Audience


As the Lakers struggle to stay afloat without LeBron, they’ll continue to look at Lonzo Ball and the other young guys to pick up the slack.

Meanwhile, the Big Baller Father continues to do his thing in the Junior Basketball League. And we might have gotten an idea of where Lonzo’s Inconsistent shooting stroke comes from.

Prior to a JBL match, LaVar Ball decided to shoot a couple of threes, maybe in hopes of filing up the crowd. Though, when it was over, the only thing he “riled up” was the internet. You’ll understand when you watch the video. Have a look:

Either he was having an off night, or he exaggerated the level of his game.

I’ll go with the latter.

Whatever the case, LaVar has focused all his energy on his kids anyway. So long as they make it, he’s happy. Maybe it’s for the best.