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Video: LeBron James Gets Beat In Charity Shooting Match By Dennis Schroder

We've all got our good days and bad days.

For LeBron James, Tuesday night was definitely not one his finest hours.

During a charity event, LeBron James got pinned against Dennis Schroder in a three-point shootout. The winner would win 10,000 dollars for their charity.

As you've probably already guessed, James took the L against his non-superstar competitor.

This isn't a big deal in the long run, and obviously means nothing regarding the game or future of the two players.

But for a guy like LeBron (who many consider the greatest player ever) to have his name in the headlines for losing to a guy like Dennis Schroder (who isn't even a starting point guard or that great of a shooter) in any competitive basketball contest has got to sting a little.

Though, if losing is now something newsworthy for LeBron, what does that say about how good he is?