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Vince Carter Is Older Than Trae Young’s Dad

Vince Carter Is Older Than Trae Young’s Dad

Vince Carter has re-signed with the Atlanta Hawks to play his 22nd and last season in the NBA. At age 42, Carter is breaking records in the league and surprising everybody.

For instance, his 22 years of career are older than his teammate Trae Young, who was born three months after Vince was drafted to the NBA. Now, Carter has made sure to go beyond that.

Reddit user auvenir pointed out something both fascinating and somehow crazy about Carter. He is actually older than Trae Young’s dad, Rayford Young. Although they were born in the same year, Carter is a couple of months older than his counterpart.

While Vince's date of birth is January 26th, 1977, Rayford was born a few months later, on November 5.

Two years ago, while he was part of the Memphis Grizzlies, he told SB Nation his secret to remain competitive in such a demanding league like the NBA.

“A 64 Chevy, it needs a lot of maintenance ... You always gotta stay working on it just to keep it running correctly. That’s kinda how I treat my body.”

The future Hall of Famer is ready to play one more season in the association, mainly focused on helping the young players of the Atlanta Hawks develop their game than anything else. Vince is already a legend and the fact that he’s still in the league at his age only makes fans admire him more.