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Warriors’ Kevin Durant Lists Oceanfront Malibu House For Sale

Kevin Durant

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has stated in recent days his desire to just play basketball and then worry about external matters, specifically about his future. Durant recently said he was just focused on playing the playoffs and success with his current team the Golden State Warriors. However, KD has given us reasons to believe he’s thinking about his future just as we are, as Durantula has made a move that instantly sparked rumors.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 2014 NBA MVP has listed his Malibu home for sale at $13.495 million. He bought it for $12.05 million last year and now it looks like Durant’s time there has come to an end.

We’re talking about a multi-level house built in 1976 and recently remodeled, is tailored for beachfront living with sliding walls of glass and terrace balconies on three levels. A small wooden staircase descends from the main patio area directly to a sandy cove on Broad Beach.

It’s not certain why Durant did this, as he either is giving hints of his imminent departure from Golden State or he will try to acquire a new place to live. It’s very unlike to be the second option seeing that few places would top this spectacular house.

Let’s recall that he is in the first one of his two-year, $61.5-million contract extension with the Warriors but can opt out and takes his shot at the free agency at the end of the season. Perhaps KD is already telling everybody he will be playing for another franchise next season and that we’re pretty close to see him wearing a New York Knicks shirt sooner than later.

Right now the 30-year-old player is trying to get past the Los Angeles Clippers in the playoffs first round so only time will tell us what he is going to do.