"You Can't Even Beat Europeans In Basketball Anymore", Taxi Driver Destroys Chris Tucker In "Rush Hour 3"

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It's not a secret that the United States has always had the best team in basketball. Ever since they started taking the Olympics and FIBA World Cup history, it's been Dream Team after Dream Team.

Obviously, as we've seen before, even Dream Teams can lose. But that's a rare case as the United States has been used to dominating most sports.

But now that Gregg Popovich's Team USA has struggled to be as dominant as its predecessors, a clip from the movie 'Rush Hour 3' is just hitting differently.

Right after Team USA lost to France, this hilarious clip resurfaced, featuring a taxi driver telling Chris Tucker that Americans are just so full of themselves but that they can't even beat Europeans in basketball anymore.

Obviously, Chris Tucker wasn't having it and fired back at the taxi driver in no time. And even though this movie is from 2007, it seems like it can be applied nowadays. At least, that's what some fans seem to think.


Team USA still has plenty of chance to straighten up the ship and proved why they were the clear-cut favorite to win the gold medal before the competition.

They need to make several adjustments, realize that FIBA referees aren't the same as NBA referees, and just focus on playing ball instead of chasing for fouls. They have some of the best players on Earth.

But also, maybe the biggest adjustment Team USA needs to make is to finally stop underestimating the rest of the teams out there. I mean, the NBA has a Greek Finals MVP, a French Defensive Player of the Year, and a Serbian MVP. It's not like other teams don't have talented players and are passionate about basketball as well.