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Zach Lowe Thinks LeBron Will End Up As The Greatest Player Ever


Tonight, we saw LeBron James make his long awaited debut for the Los Angeles Lakers.

After a summer of speculation of anticipation, LeBron announced in early July that he'd sign in L.A. Since then, it's been a pretty wild ride.

But still, the big question remains: why did he choose the Lakers?

For most, the decision lies in the bright lights of Los Angeles, a place that gives James the perfect place to market his brand. The answer could also include Magic Johnson, whose big name could be enough to lure just about anybody.

Whatever the case, it appears the decision had something to do with his legacy. As a Laker, the case for him becoming the G.O.A.T. will enter new heights. Only, for some, it will only cement what is already the case.

ESPN's Zach Lowe is one who is already claiming that LeBron will end up as the greatest ever.

"LeBron will be the greatest player by the time he retires if he hasn't already," said Lowe. "at this moment he is neck and neck with Jordan as the greatest player ever. Once he posts 4 more monster years, statistically there will be no conversation"

At the very least, LeBron has an argument. The impact he makes on the floor is just unmatched.

And if he wins a Chip with the Lakers, it'll almost guaruntee his G.O.A.T. status.