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Zion Williamson’s Destroyed Shoe Is Missing, And Worth Unbelievable $250,000

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Zion Williamson made headlines when he viciously injured his foot and had his sneaker destroyed in the process. It was an injury that he would recover from, and apparently, his shoe is doing great as well.

According to auctioneer Ken Goldin, the damaged shoe is now worth up to $250,000 because it was worn by Williamson and has a peculiar story.

The shoe incident caused national news because of the way that Nike’s reputation was negatively affected, and with the injury of Williamson, millions of fans were holding their breaths to see the outcome for both Williamson and Nike.

Nike was mocked by competing shoe companies while Williamson was speculated to miss the rest of the NCAA season and possibly the beginning of his rookie year in the NBA. However, Williamson made a speedy recovery and is now competing in the NCAA tournament with the Blue Devils.

Williamson is expected to be the number one pick in the upcoming draft, and he is often considered as the next big NBA superstar. Last night, Duke lost against Michigan State 67-68.

For Zion Williamson, this could be last season because his next stop is the NBA.