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Angry Fans Start Movement To Fix NBA 2k20 After Bug-Filled Release Day

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

For what it's worth, the actual gameplay in NBA 2k20 does not seem to be the cause of a recent string of issues with the game. In fact, it's just a very buggy system that could have been an easy fix. Unfortunately, however, some fans have already had enough.

In 2k Sports' annual NBA installment, they try to use fan feedback to build on their game using previous assets. Things that may have been weak in years past will be tweaked, while things that do well will remain. This year, while the gameplay seems to be a step up, it has come with some nasty consequences.

The hashtag #fix2k20 has gone viral, with players urging the company to do something about their broken game.

Overall, there are some positives to the game, and it seems there are some improvements to last year's edition. Still, the glaring technical issues are a problem that needs to be resolved -- and the community will not rest until they are.