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Cristiano Felicio Has Higher Offensive Rebound Rating Than Zion Williamson In NBA 2K22

Cristiano Felicio Has Higher Offensive Rebound Rating Than Zion Williamson In NBA 2K22

Zion Williamson is one of the most physically gifted players in the NBA today. The 1st overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft has been steadily evolving over the last 2 seasons and has established himself as a dominant presence in the paint.

Zion's build allows him to be a fast but big player on the court, and he is truly gifted when it comes to taking the ball to the hole. Zion's physicality is one of the biggest aspects of his game. 

With a player of Zion's caliber and build, it comes as no surprise that he gets most of his offensive contribution from underneath the basket. Williamson is proficient when it comes to scoring from the paint, and is even excellent and dominating the nearby defenders and grabbing offensive rebounds.

Knowing the kind of presence he can be on the inside, it came as a shock to many fans that Zion's offensive rebound rating in NBA 2K22 was just a 67. While it is by no means a low score, fans would have expected a higher offensive rebound rating.

What makes his rating even more bewildering is that the Houston Rockets' Cristiano Felicio has a much higher offensive rebound rating in the game with 88. Felicio is by no means the player that Williamson is, and has averaged 0.6 offensive rebounds in his career, compared to Zion's 2.7.

This odd discrepancy in Williamson's rating in the offensive rebound category is truly confusing, especially how well Williamson has been rated in the game. Whether Williamson's attributes will get an upgrade later in the game remains to be seen.

Williamson has averaged close to 3 offensive rebounds in a game, one of the better offensive rebounders in the league with those numbers. Because of this, defenders are usually very cautious around him and try to box him out as much as possible.