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Devin Booker Ruthlessly Roasted An NBA Fan Who Criticized His NBA 2K23 Cover On Twitter

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Devin Booker has already had a lot of success on the court in his young career. He is considered the face of the Phoenix Suns due to his elite scoring ability and long-term tenure with the franchise. Booker is considered one of the most skilled scorers in the league, with his midrange scoring being highly regarded in particular.

NBA 2K is the biggest basketball game franchise on the market, and Devin Booker is featured as the cover athlete of the regular edition of the game. A lot of fans seemed to like it, though obviously, there are some people who aren't fans.

Devin Booker Didn't Hold Back On A Fan Who Criticized His 2K23 Cover

Recently, an NBA Twitter account named "BolWrld" has posted a criticism of the NBA 2K23 cover which featured Devin Booker, as well as the "Dreamer Edition" cover which featured rapper J Cole. BolWrld claimed that the company "went 0-2" when designing those covers.

It seems as though Devin Booker found the Tweet, and he did not hold back when roasting the fan for criticizing his NBA 2K23 cover. A while back, an NBA player Bol Bol also trolled the BolWrld Twitter account, claiming that he's never seen the account, and told the user to stop fishing for likes. Devin Booker screenshotted that interaction, and in turn, used the screenshot to clap back at the Twitter user.

The BolWrld Twitter account ended up responding to Devin Booker's jab, using Devin Booker's subpar Game 7 performance stats to troll Booker. It is clear that this interaction between the player and the fan is humorous, and we'll see if Devin Booker ends up responding to the fan again.

Twitter is obviously a place where a lot of roasting goes on, and we often see players troll fans on the app. Devin Booker is far from the only player that is an elite Tweeter. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has frequently roasted fans on the app before, notably trolling users for talking about his NBA legacy

Hopefully, we see more players start using Twitter more frequently in the future. It is great when players interact with fans, and as Kevin Durant once said, that sort of activity should be encouraged. There is no doubt that the app has a lot of appeal for everyone, including NBA players, and perhaps we will see more NBA players become regular Tweeters going forward.