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Kyle Kuzma Was Very Angry After His Low NBA 2K Rating

Kyle Kuzma Was Very Angry After His Low NBA 2K Rating

Kyle Kuzma was one of the biggest surprised last season and he is arguably the biggest steal of the 2017 NBA Draft, after Donovan Mitchell.

NBA 2K ratings are now trending and many young players react after they ratings reveal, and Kuzma was one of them.

Last season, he averaged 16 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game, but that was enough to get 78 overall.

If you compare Kuzma and Tatum (who has 87 overall), it's very interesting that Kuzma was slightly better than Tatum last season.

Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell also have 87 overall rating, even though they were the best rookies last year.

According to Fan Sided, NBA 2K has the new "social media category" and maybe that lowered his rating:

Until more player ratings are released, this outrage feels fake on Kuzma’s part. Maybe he thinks 78 is disrespectful, but we have no one to compare him to. If Lonzo Ball is rated higher, then Kuzma has reason to be upset. Simmons not being happy at least makes sense. He won Rookie of the Year over Tatum and Mitchell. At least put the guy one overall point higher than those two.

If anyone should be upset, it’s LeBron James. His reported 98 overall is entirely too low. Seriously. Everyone else should be on a 1-100 scale but LeBron is playing a different game altogether.

What really hurt Kuzma’s overall rating was the new “social media” category. Kuzma’s fake beef with Lonzo significantly lowered his rating in that category, bringing his overall number down at least two points.