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LeBron, AD, JR, Quinn Cook And THT Running Pro Am On 2K After Players Meeting

Credit: 2K

Credit: 2K

The Los Angeles Lakers didn't take the bubble court yesterday, but they made sure to make a presence in the virtual parks, with some of their best players running Pro Am on NBA 2K20. The last couple of years haven't been easy for anybody, with players boycotting games and the NBA season in jeopardy, according to reports.

It was reported that LeBron and his Lakers teammates, as well as the whole Clippers team, walked out of the players meeting yesterday out of anger with the Milwaukee Bucks and their decision to boycott their Game 5 without talking with any other player or team in the Orlando bubble. LeBron didn't like that move and he left the meeting, followed by the rest of the team.

After that, he was spotted with Anthony Davis, JR Smith, Quinn Cook and Talen Horton-Tucker running Pro Am on 2K. One Twitter user, JoshJBullshoops, saw the players and decided to share a picture with the world.

That wasn't the only time Bron was spotted playing online videogames. He did the same with NFL Madden and fans once again spotted the King, who needed to relax after a tumultuous day.

It's unclear how this whole thing will go down, we all are expecting what the league and the players are going to say on this whole situation. Meanwhile, players have to look for different methods to clear their minds, something that was already hard.