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LeBron James Gets Really Odd Hairline In NBA 2K22

bron 2k.jfif

NBA 2K22 is finally out, and fans got to see this new version of the video game. After a couple of months full of speculation, criticism, and rumors, the new installment of the game is finally out. 

Every year, fans want to see if their favorite players' avatars look like the real person. Sometimes they do, others don't, but one player gets a very weird avatar every year. LeBron James' hairline, for instance, received a very curious update this year. 

It's not a secret that LeBron's hairline has suffered some changes over the years, going away and coming back mid-season, but the 2K22 developers are tired of that, giving Bron a bizarre hairline. 

Right after fans shared the avatar pictures, the rest of the community reacted to it, making fun of James. Others defended the King, but nothing could take our eyes away from that hairline. 

Every edition of NBA 2K is surrounded by controversy. This one isn't the exception, but not many people expected LeBron to get all the attention. 

The King is trying to return to action the best way after an early elimination in the 2021 NBA playoff. James and his Lakers will try to take revenge with a superteam, trying to come back like his hairline a couple of years ago.