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Marcus Morris Calls Out 2K About His Rating: "NBA 2K Is Trash. Giving Ya Boy A 78 Overall... I'm Starting To Think Y'all Hating."

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(via Clipperholics)

(via Clipperholics)

Marcus Morris is a fairly solid role player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. Over the course of the 2020-21 regular season, Marcus Morris averaged 13.4 PPG while shooting 47% from 3PT range. He is a fairly solid and versatile defender who has also made strides as a shooter.

While Morris may be a solid player who finds multiple ways to contribute to a team, it seems as though he is underrated based on his 2K rating. His 2K22 rating is 78, and it's easy to see an argument for why he should be higher based on his performance. Marcus Morris himself called out 2K for being "trash" for giving him a 78, and stated that "he's starting to think" that 2K are hating on him.

There have been other players who have called out NBA 2K for giving out inaccurate ratings in the past. Kevin Porter Jr. once blasted 2K for his 77 rating in 2K22, while also calling them out for having incoming rookies rank higher than him. There's no doubt that ratings are a controversial topic with every release of NBA 2K. It's not only controversial with players though: there was a lot of controversy among fans when the top 10 NBA players' ratings in 2K22 were revealed, with some questioning LeBron James being a 96.

The good thing about ratings is that they can always be fixed later on in the season depending on players' performances. Obviously, there's no way every single rating will appease everyone, but hopefully, there is some improvement in the accuracy of the ratings. It remains to be seen whether Marcus Morris's rating will be one that is raised over the course of the season, though if Morris continues to play well and build on this past season it's quite possible that his 2K overall will go up.