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NBA 2k Producer Explains Why He Chose Wade Over Dirk On 2k19 Cover



In NBA 2k's annual installment of the series, they select a few stars to serve as "cover athletes" for the game. Last year, it was Giannis Antetokounmpo for the regular edition and LeBron James for the infamous "legend" edition.

This year, it was Anthony Davis on the regular edition and Dwyane Wade was selected to be the face of the legend edition. Though the decision was a bit controversial, 2k producer Erick Boenisch explained why it was the right one.

(via SubReal of AltChar)

“There wasn’t like a really great reason. You got to pick someone, right? Dwyane Wade is a very beloved player – not that Dirk isn’t, because everyone loves Dirk. 21 years, same team? That’s incredible. No one’s done that. [But] Wade is just an iconic player. He played with Shaq who is someone we’ve worked with; he played with Kobe who’s someone we’ve worked with. He’s a hall-of-famer. So, you know, the time will come for everybody.”

Between Dirk and Wade, you can't go wrong with either choice. But for Boenish and the rest of the 2k crew, Wade is just one of those guys that has to be included.

In his last season, Wade was treated to a retirement tour, being celebrated as he traveled and trading jerseys with top players as he made his rounds. Now, he will be the face of NBA 2k as he embarks on the start of his post-career journey.