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NBA 2K17 Gameplay Leaked: Warriors vs Rockets!


NBA 2K17 is around the corner. I can't wait for NBA 2K17 to come out! If you aren't updated to NBA 2K17 world, many things happened. All ratings are published, NBA players dominated on Twitter, many shorter gameplays leaked and so on. You can see everything below:

But, we have something more to show you. 15 minutes of gameplay. Warriors vs Rockets. 2015 WCF and 2016 matchup from the 1st round of the playoff. And this gameplay is even better than that. Tight game till the end.

Videos are divided into quarters, so in the first video you can 3rd quarter and in the second you can see 4th quarter. Unfortunately, the game hasn't finished, so we can't find out who won this game, but despite that, experience what will you be able to play in about 10 days.

Coins, lower price, and many other pros are there for you if you order it till September 16th. In case you missed it, don't worry, you can still order it. September 20th, the release date is coming closer. Prepare for it!