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NBA Fans Are Angry After NBA 2K21 Brings Back Unskippable Advertisements During Loading Screens

(via Crosarka Basketball)

(via Crosarka Basketball)

The gaming industry has been under fire for years as fans and gamers from around the world grow tired of their increasingly shameless monetization tactics. Today, it seems many of these Triple-A studios put more emphasis on making a quick buck than they do putting out a quality, finished product.

In regards to sports games, in particular, these issues only seem to be getting worse, as evidenced by the displeasure from avid Madden and NBA 2K fans.

With the latest installment of NBA 2K being released on the next-generation of consoles, many thought things would get better. Unfortunately, the return of unskippable ads (which has already been tested and rejected by the fanbase in previous games) doesn't bode well for the optimism regarding the series.

(via IGN)

The NBA 2K series is taking fire again for the appearance of unskippable, loading-screen advertisements that show up in the main game.

This weekend, Stevivor reported that an ad for Oculus rode before the usual “episode” of NBA 2KTV, which precedes a game loading in any of NBA 2K21’s multiple modes. The prompt to edit lineups as the game loads doesn’t appear until the advertisement finishes, meaning users have no choice but to watch it to the end.

Stevivor said the ads were also playing on NBA 2K21’s PC and PlayStation 4 versions. Last year around Halloween, NBA 2K20started featuring unskippable ads. NBA 2K19experimented with them in the summer following its launch, around the time it was put on sale at a 95% discount. Both created backlashes that quickly died out.

Players don't want to pay $60 - $70 dollars to have unskippable ads in their game, and many have expressed as much on Twitter.

Obviously, this wouldn't be as much of an issue if 2K put more time and effort to add innovation to their games and fix some of the flaws/issues fans have been griping about for years now.

We'll see how the game is on release day, and whether or not 2K decides to keep those ads.