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NBA Fans React To LeBron James And The Los Angeles Lakers 2K23 Ratings Leak: "Too Low, LeBron's 99."

The Los Angeles Lakers Shared An Epic Video Of LeBron James As He Gets Ready For Year 20 In The NBA And The King Responded

LeBron James is one of the best forwards in the league today, and he is one of the most accomplished players currently in the league. He has won four championships in his career. 

This summer, LeBron James signed a two-year $97.1 million extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. That will keep him in Los Angeles for a little bit longer, and perhaps we will see him lead the team to another championship.

As NBA 2K23 is about to release in a few days on September 9th, many fans have been wondering about what LeBron James' and the Los Angeles Lakers' 2K23 ratings would be. It seems as though the answer has recently been revealed.

A Leaked Screenshot Revealed The Los Angeles Lakers NBA 2K23 Ratings

There has been a leaked photo of the Los Angeles Lakers 2K23 ratings has been posted on Twitter. LeBron James seems to be 96, and Anthony Davis gets a 90 here. It is unclear how accurate this leak is, but it got a lot of fans buzzing about the subject as the photo itself seemed realistic.

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lakers 3
lakers 2
lakers 1

It remains to be seen how legitimate those ratings are. Obviously, the game hasn't been released yet to the general public, and we'll have to wait a while longer to play with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2K23.

In real life, the team is gearing up to get back to the playoffs and potentially win the NBA championship. The team's roster around their three stars has been heavily modified this summer, with the Los Angeles Lakers taking more of a defensive-minded approach. That of course matches up with coach Davin Ham's philosophy.

Hopefully, we see the Los Angeles Lakers become a competitive team once again next season. Part of the reason that they struggled this year was injuries, and perhaps we will end up seeing them be more of a cohesive unit when Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James consistently play. 

The Western Conference will be much tougher though, and the Los Angeles Lakers have to be the best version of themselves by the time the playoffs roll around. They will be facing other talented teams such as the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors, and playing against them will be no cakewalk.

However, with LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers will have a chance against any opponent in a seven-game series. They just have to get to the postseason, and perhaps we'll see that happen.