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NBA Fans Trolled Russell Westbrook After Patrick Beverley Got A Higher Rating In NBA 2K23: "Man, They Did Russ Dirty With This."

NBA Fans Trolled Russell Westbrook After Patrick Beverley Got A Higher Rating In NBA 2K23: "Man, They Did Russ Dirty With This."

If someone had told NBA fans last year that Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley would end up as teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers, no one would have believed them. The two guards have enjoyed very different careers, Westbrook as a superstar, a former MVP, and a perennial All-Star, and Beverley as a hustle-oriented, defensive role player. And during the time that both have competed in the NBA, their relationship has been anything but amicable. 

Westbrook and Beverley have beefed a lot in the past. Who can forget Russ' epic quote about Pat 'running around doing nothing?' So when the Lakers did acquire Beverley, it seemed that fireworks were inevitable. However, things seem to be going surprisingly well so far, with the two seemingly settling their differences. They were seen hugging each other before their media duties with the Lakers, although fans did note that there was still a little tension in the air. 

And if things are not as rosy as they might seem from the outside, then the latest NBA 2K release will complicate matters a little further. While players are generally above caring too much about their ratings (except Kevin Durant, of course), they don't completely ignore them either. And Beverley and Westbrook's ratings will add an interesting wrinkle to their relationship this coming season. 

Russell Westbrook Got Roasted By Fans After His NBA 2K23 Rating Was Revealed To Be Lower Than Patrick Beverley's

When NBA 2K released some of its ratings for the upcoming NBA 2K23, there were intriguing ratings for players and their skills. And it was quickly noted that Russell Westbrook, someone who is considered a Hall Of Famer, had a lower rating than the newly acquired Patrick Beverley. True to form, fans on social media were quick to make fun of Russ. 

"Man, they did Russ dirty with this."

"No way has NBA 2K just called this man Russ finished."

"No way Russ is 78 …… the disrespect is real."

"How does it keep getting worse for Westbrook with each passing day bruh."

"Pat Beverley is a role player who plays his role. Westbrook was supposed to be the third option on a good team and couldnt properly fill that role."

"It's not that deep boys, Russ is just washed."

"From MVP to a 78 in a couple years. Yikes!"

"Man I'm hoping Russ really shuts the haters up next season."

"You just know Pat gonna bring this up with Russ at some point."

"Why is this a surprise, Beverley is the third best Laker."

"This is beyond disrespectful bruh, I can't stop laughing though."

Russell Westbrook's averages of over 18 points per game with 7 boards and 7 assists may have been poor by his lofty standards, but to drop him to a 78 does seem excessive. He just can't seem to catch a break, while Patrick Beverley is likely enjoying the notoriety his Lakers move has brought him. The best way for Russ to settle this is on the court, though, no other player needs a bounce-back season as he does!