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Scottie Barnes Gives His Review Of NBA 2K23 Already: "It's Pretty Solid"

Scottie Barnes Gives His Review Of NBA 2K23 Already: "It's Pretty Solid"

NBA 2K23 is just a month and a half out from its release and the fans are already getting excited about the game. This year's edition features Devin Booker as the cover star for the Standard edition, while Michael Jordan adorns the Jordan edition and the Championship edition

Considering how close we are to the release date, the game has to have already been ready and the team at 2K will be doing their final checks to make sure most of the bugs are gone. Considering how many people love 2K, an opportunity to play the game early would be incredible.

Toronto Raptors forward Scottie Barnes has revealed that he's already played 2K23 and revealed certain differences from this year's game but maintains that the game is largely the same as what we received last September for 2K22. 

"It has flaws right now. In the Play Now, everybody's shot was slow. I didn't really like the shot meter that much. The defense is just like '22 next gen. The movements are pretty solid. I feel like you can hit more contested shots. Like if it is a late closeout, it's pretty solid. 

NBA 2K22 split opinion through its fanbase, with many loving last year's iteration of the annual basketball game while many swore off it. The game still releases a next-gen and an old-gen version. The old gen version for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One just sees cosmetic changes, and the gameplay is unlikely to improve any further now.

The next-gen version has already seen innovations like The City in recent years and can expect more major changes to the online experience of playing the game. MyLeague fans can remain underwhelmed, with the game most likely being identical on that front as it has been for years. Hopefully, the kinks with the shot meter that Barnes revealed can be fixed ahead of the anticipated release.