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Some Notable Players Are No Longer In 2K22: Brandon Roy And Pau Gasol Are On The List

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NBA 2K has been the most popular basketball game franchise for quite some time now. However, despite that fact, there are always some players who are missing from the game, such as Charles Barkley for example. NBA 2K definitely has a solid collection of teams and players that people can play with, but it is far from being 100% complete.

SLAM Studios has recently shared a graphic of some notable players who used to be in 2K but are now missing from 2K22. Sometimes, there are problems with licensing that prevent 2K from incorporating the players into the game. There are some iconic star players on that list such as All-Stars Pau Gasol and Brandon Roy, as well as some prominent role players such as Jeremy Lin and J. R. Smith. There is no doubt that all of the players on the graphic could be considered fan favorites.

The players on the graphic were all members of some iconic teams, and it is unfortunate that they are no longer in the game. However, that doesn't mean that they won't be added back to NBA 2K rosters in the future, and perhaps we'll see these players return to the fold in later editions of the game if the company manages to work things out regarding licensing.

While it may be disappointing to see these players out of the game, no game is ever perfect and this is just an aspect of it that we have to live with. It would certainly be extremely fun to play with all of these players in the game. However, even without these players present, NBA 2K22 will have a lot to offer any fan and hopefully, it will be an enjoyable experience for players.