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The Highest Rated Los Angeles Lakers Players In NBA 2K Games

Credit: 2K Ratings

Credit: 2K Ratings

The Los Angeles Lakers are arguably the biggest franchise in the NBA. The Purple and Gold have featured some of the best players ever, who have made them the huge organization they are right now.

Even though video games are relatively new, especially NBA 2K, which released its first edition back in 1999, we have been able to see some of the huge players the Purple and Gold have had within their ranks throughout these years.

NBA 2K20 just released and it’s time to see how things have changed for the Lakers over the last 20 years and the luminaries they have had on the roster. Today, we’re going to let you know about the highest rated Lakers players in every edition of the 2K franchise.

Shaquille O’Neal - 93 (NBA 2K)

Shaquille O’Neal - 98 (NBA 2K1)

Shaquille O’Neal - 100 (NBA 2K2)

Shaquille O’Neal - 98 (NBA 2K3)

Shaquille O’Neal - 98 (NBA 2K4)

Kobe Bryant - 99 (NBA 2K5)

Kobe Bryant - 97 (NBA 2K6)

Kobe Bryant - 98 (NBA 2K7)

Kobe Bryant - 98 (NBA 2K8)

Kobe Bryant - 99 (NBA 2K9)

Kobe Bryant - 97 (NBA 2K10)

Kobe Bryant - 97 (NBA 2K11)

Kobe Bryant - 94 (NBA 2K12)

Dwight Howard - 95 (NBA 2K13)

Kobe Bryant - 93 (NBA 2K14)

Kobe Bryant - 89 (NBA 2K15)

Kobe Bryant - 85 (NBA 2K16)

D’Angelo Russell - 79 (NBA 2K17)

Brook Lopez - 84 (NBA 2K18)

LeBron James - 98 (NBA 2K19)

LeBron James - 97 (NBA 2K20)

All these numbers and names can easily explain how things have been going for the Lakers over the last 20 years. They had Shaq and Kobe at the beginning of the century, with the big man being a complete beast in 2K, becoming the first and only player to have an overall rating of 100.

After Shaq left for Miami, Kobe was the best player of the team in the video game, until Dwight Howard cut his streak in 2013. Following that, Kobe reclaimed his spot, but when that time arrived, he had to lead some of the worst squads in the history of the franchise. Following Kobe’s departure, D’Angelo Russell became the best player of the team in 2K17, with a poor 79 rating, replaced by Brook Lopez next year with 84.

Over the last couple of seasons, LeBron James has been the highest-rated player of the Purple and Gold, being the best player overall in the game, too. James has a 97 overall rating this year and is set to lead his team to win the NBA title after six years of being a mediocre squad.