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Things that have changed in NBA 2K17!


It's not yet the release time, but we find out what will be changed in the NBA 2K. Players will be given more control to play this amazing game. A new time has come and now you can't say "The game is bad" or "It's not my fault, this player is useless" when you miss the layup or a rebound.

The players will now have more control, almost complete control. They are going to influence on every aspect of the game, so if you lose you will know that you are not so good. So, let's find out what will be changed in NBA 2K17 comparing to the last year edition of NBA 2K.


You will now have control of your layups. Before, you just need to tap the button and watching the outcome of your shot. Now you will need to move the shooting stick to either the left or right, choosing the hand you will lay the ball up with and timing the release correctly, just as you do with any other shot. So, in the beginning, it's going to be hard situation making you feel wanna smash the controller of the ground, but as you play more and more, you are going to get used to it and it will be a great feature.

When it comes to the shooting, you will need to take your shooting stick back before releasing it, you’ll need to keep it straight. It's easy when you are open, but when you run across the court or shoot a stepback or fadeaway it's going to be annoying. All shooting will have it's timing component. You will have full control.


This one is very cool and useful. You know the feeling when it's equal game and you that Gatorade sign next to your star player. That comes to the end. The developers recognized that LeBron James and Stephen Curry look as fresh as ever in the fourth quarter of games, so they’re not going to have tired legs in 2K17. So, playing a whole game with one player is possible now or is it? Of course, it isn't possible, but you will get more benefit from your superstar.

Rebounding and defense

Say no more to lucky and unreal offensive boards. You will need to set a good position for yourself if you want to grab a rebound. It's one of the features that will give you a feeling that you play in real life. Defense is now improved also and things like beating a guy to the spot, reacting to the ball will also affect. As you will control in the shooting, you will also get it in dribbling. Post game and off-ball movement are also improved and AI will play very good, not like a noob.

Signature traits

This one, admittedly, will take some time really notice. 2K has added more tendencies to its star players instead of the canned signature animations we’ve seen in the past. So, when you play with Kyrie, you will experience his unique crossover, not a replica. Also if you pick another player, you will see the same.


In the MyLeague and MyTeam, you will experience such a change. More badges new cards and different prizes. A different feature that makes you play your whole career like a real NBA player. Also, many new moves are added to a playbook and you will have more options in freelance offense, transition offense and defense. Many new schemes are also there and you will try them all in a couple of weeks.

Graphics and audio are also changed. New sounds will make you feel like you are live in Arena. Now there are 11 commentators. Some are familiar faces -- such as Kevin Harlan, Greg Anthony, Shaq and Ernie -- while others are new, including Brent Berry, Steve Smith, Doris Burke, Chris Webber, and David Aldridge. Jerseys are not washed anymore and shoes and other accessorize are now made also perfect.

"Overall, NBA 2K17 has delivered their best in-game performance I’ve seen in the series thus far", writes Forbes.

So, guys, September 20th is the date when this game will be available to all of us. If you want to see all NBA players ratings click here. A crew from 2K Sports promise us great fun and amazing new features that will blow our mind. Is that true as they say it is, we will see?