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Are NBA Live 19's Ratings Better Than NBA 2K19?

NBA Live 2019 vs NBA 2k19

NBA 2k19 and NBA Live 19 are both coming out early next month and many people are deciding which one to choose. Although NBA 2k has mostly been the more superior choice every year, it is looking bright for NBA Live. Graphics have been the main issue for NBA Live since PC and Next-Gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But, this year, NBA live have stepped up big time.4


Any sport games are criticized for their ratings. Everyone has a different opinion on a certain players rating, pretty much meaning there can’t be an actual correct rating. However, there are many factors that construct a rating. Mainly a players statistics from their current season is taken into consideration.

NBA Live take on a different route to NBA 2k when deciding a rookie first initial rating. NBA 2k seem to have an unwritten rule to never put a rookie above 80 overall. They also base the picks on where the rookie was placed on the draft. For example, in this years 2018 draft, DeAndre Ayton was drafted number 1 overall, making him 79 overall. Each player under him will have the same or lower depending on where they were drafted.

A tweet from Trae Young shows the reaction to his 77 rating from NBA 2k. Leading the nation in points and assists, you can't blame him. Although it's just 2k's rating method, you could say it's slightly unfair.

NBA Live has taken a new approach to ratings this year, giving these rookies the prediction of their performance, rather than a “fair” draft board system. DeAndre Ayton was rated 84 by NBA Live this year, compared to 79 overall NBA 2k. Ayton averaged 20.1 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game in his season with Arizona. Although he hasn’t played an NBA game yet, you could still see a similar number like that. A 79 rating for averages like that is very unfair.

NBA 2k and NBA live have been rivals since 1999, pretty much becoming personal preference back then. However, since next gen consoles came out, NBA 2k have always been the better game. With more realistic ratings and outstanding graphics, this could be the year NBA Live steps up.