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'Damian Lillard Was The Cover Athlete For The 2 Worst Basketball Games Of All Time', Says NBA Fan

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Damian Lillard is often getting trolled on social media for a variety of reasons. His lack of success in the postseason is the biggest one of all, but now and then, the NBA community finds a way to bash the Portland Trail Blazers star.

Recently, one fan claimed that the point guard is curiously on the cover of the two worst basketball video games of all time, which is anything but a flattering honor. However, some fans didn’t like this remark and they went to make a case for other games while defending NBA 2K21.

Several people believe every game since 2K13 or 2K14 is the same version as the prior year and there is no real upgrade from the preceding edition. These feelings have gotten bigger in recent years, with NBA 2K receiving more and more criticism from fans.

NBA Live apparently saw a chance to take 2K down, but they also blew it. Fans keep craving a video game that will actually bring new things to the table, not the same thing they saw the prior year but with slightly better graphics.

Curiously, these two games happened to have Lillard on the cover story but that doesn’t mean he had anything to do with that.