Fans Blast NBA 2K22 Trailer: "Fix This Now... Lonzo Is Not On The Pelicans"

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Credit: 2K

Credit: 2K

2K Sports can't catch a break recently. The people behind the NBA 2K game have been heavily criticized in the past couple of weeks after they revealed the overall ratings of several players. Like every year, fans had something to say about it, criticizing the decisions and explaining why certain players deserve a higher or lower rating

More recently, they released the trailer of the upcoming NBA 2K22, showing fans what to expect of the new installment of the video game. Just like it happened with ratings, people didn't like what they saw. 

This time, though, they were tougher on the game, saying it was the same thing every year, calling them out for putting Lonzo Ball in a Pelicans jersey, criticizing the looks of some players, and more. 

The criticism hasn't stopped for 2K in the last couple of years. They have failed to deliver a product that pleases most fans, and this year's edition doesn't seem to be the exception. According to fans, they have many things to improve, but it's unclear if they'll do it before releasing the final product.