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Fans React To NBA 2K17's MyCareer Intro With Kobe Bryant: 'This Just Hit Different Now'

Fans React To NBA 2K17 Intro With Kobe Bryant: 'This Just Hit Different Now'

It’s been over a year since Kobe Bryant sadly passed away in a fatal helicopter crash. People still mourn the Los Angeles Lakers legend, who lost his life in Calabasas, alongside his daughter Gianna and seven other people that left this world way too early.

NBA fans are always trying to find ways to honor and remember Kobe and they’re bringing some old material from the player to celebrate his life, his career, and his impact on the game and the life of those who watched him play and be the great person he always was.

Recently, Instagram page Hoops Posts shared the video of Kobe in the NBA 2K17’s my career mode, where he presents the mode with Michael B. Jordan. They joke around a little before Jordan asks Bryant if he misses something from the game. Kobe keeps it real and once again brings some wisdom to fans.

“The good, the bad, the wins, the losses. It’s a lot like boxing. This is really about the opponent within yourself, it’s the most important. You win that battle, you will win the rest of it,” Kobe explained to the actor.

Fans reacted to that video remembering the game, how good it was, how they took Kobe for granted, and his words, which really hit home with some of them.

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Kobe’s death still feels unreal. He left this world when he was very young and there’s no day when fans remember him and his legacy. He’ll never be forgotten as long as fans keep him in their thoughts. This man left a huge mark on the game and nobody will change that.