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Jared Dudley Has A Higher 3-PT Rating Than Kevin Durant In 2K21

Jared Dudley Has A Higher 3-PT Rating Than Kevin Durant In 2K21

NBA 2K21 is back at it with a questionable rating between two players with different actualities and careers. We talked a couple of days ago about Jimmy Butler and Kyle Quinn's very different mid-range shooting rating and now it's the turn of Kevin Durant and Jared Dudley's 3-point shooting rating in the new installment of the famous video game.

Dudley is a known 3-point shooter and he's lived off that shot in the past couple of seasons, but one would think that's not enough to get him a better rating than one of the greatest scorers in the history of the game, Kevin Durant. Durantula has left his mark on the game with his scoring skills and that would be hard to erase anytime soon. Well, the people in charge of the game gave Dudley an 88 3-pt shot rating in 2K21, two more points than KD's 86 rating.

86 is not a bad number for Durant, but one believes he should have gotten a higher rating since he's a killer from behind the arc. Dudley didn't have much participation with the Lakers this season, which makes this even worse. These decisions have been common for 2K in recent times and they don't see to be stopping anytime soon.

Durant is returning to action with the Brooklyn Nets next season, so he will have the chance to improve this number and surpass Dudley.