Kevin Durant Selects His Perfect Dream 2K Team

Kevin Durant Selects His Perfect Dream 2K Team

Fadeaway World 

Kevin Durant has assembled an incredible 2K team, featuring some of the best players in today's NBA. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is very good at creating superteams, and this time wasn't the exception. 

The 2x NBA champion appears on the 2K22 NBA 75th anniversary edition cover alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dirk Nowitzki. Talking with The Boardroom, KD revealed what current players he'd pick for his Dream 2K Team, coming up with a lethal starting five (3:20). 

"I always get in trouble when I get this type of question, I always forget somebody. There's so many great players, but, on the top of that, I'd go with Kyrie, James, myself, LeBron... Anthony Davis."

That is an excellent starting 5; one that would give a lot of trouble to the rest of the league. Curiously, these five players were expected to meet in the NBA Finals this season, but both the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers suffered the same fate when injuries took a toll on their players. 

This team would be incredible to watch, and they probably would go 82-0. However, this is a hypothetical scenario, and we can only see Irving, Harden, and KD competing together. Bron and AD are doing their thing in Los Angeles, trying to win the championship again next season.