Kyle O'Quinn's 2K21 Mid-Range Shot Rating Is 20 Points Higher Than Jimmy Butler's

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Here is NBA 2K with some questionable ratings again. We have seen some ratings that raised plenty of eyebrows around the NBA community in recent days but the developers really tried to surprise users with some valuations. Recently, we talked about the most disrespectful ratings in 2K21, with some players getting a rating that was very far from what they did last season, individually speaking.

Well, that didn't stop there and now we've discovered that Jimmy Butler, one of the best NBA players after his performance with the Miami Heat in the NBA bubble, has a 66 mid-range rating. Jimmy lived off that shot in the bubble. When he didn't attack the paint, he was shooting mid-ranges and we all know how good he was doing just this. Yet, the people behind the video game don't see him as a great shooter from that spot.

To make things worse, they gave Kyle O'Quinn an 88 mid-range rating, 22 points more than they give to Jimmy. Big yikes.

If we watch each player's stats from mid-range during last season, we find that Jimmy shot 37% from that distance, while O'Quinn made 19% of his midrange attempts. That's almost 20% of difference in favor of Butler, but 2K did things the other way around.

This is not the first time we see these things in the video game but it's still shocking for us to see how a player is perceived by these developers contrary to how he really plays in real life. Well, Jimmy is one of the highest-rated players in the video game, so I don't think this rating will bother him a lot.