Luka Doncic Goes From 59 Overall In NBA 2K17 To Cover Athlete For NBA 2K22

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Luka Doncic Goes From 59 Overall In NBA 2K17 To Cover Athlete For NBA 2K22

Luka Doncic has had one of the most meteoric and rapid rises to superstardom in NBA history. Doncic, who was a top prospect coming into the NBA in 2018, defied the extremely lofty expectations placed on him upon his arrival with his play. In a matter of years, Doncic has established himself as one of the faces of the NBA, and a star that will be a flag-bearer for the league as the go forward. Fans can't get enough of Luka, as he is one of the most popular stars in NBA history. 

But to truly understand how Doncic has grown so fast, all fans need to do is look at his appearance in 2K17. Doncic was then playing for Real Madrid, one of the biggest basketball teams in Spain and Europe. At just 17 years of age, Doncic was a sensation. However, the game clearly didn't think extremely highly of him, as he had just a 59 rating. But obviously, that was also in large part to his young age.

What makes his rise even more impressive is his progression on 2K. He has been a 90-rated player for one game now and is sure to be one of the top players in the next game, given that he is the cover star for the 2K franchise. His trajectory from NBA 2K17 to NBA 2K22 perfectly sums up his career, and how he has gone from strength to strength during his time in the sport.

Since joining the NBA, Luka has won the Rookie of the Year, been an All-Rookie first-team player, been a two-time All-Star and a starter during both games, and been named to an All-NBA First Team. Furthermore, he was able to break the Dallas Mavericks' poor run of form, by taking them to the playoffs in just his second NBA season. At this rate, Doncic will become one of the greatest players in NBA history if keeps his pace and continues to improve.