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NBA 2K Fans Are Pissed Off After A Controversial Position Update: Westbrook (PF/C), Rodman (SG/SF), Spud Webb (C/PG)

Credit: NBA 2K

Credit: NBA 2K

NBA 2K20 has received some criticism in recent weeks after the controversial decisions they've made with the most recent installment of the video game. NBA fans have discovered some ratings that don't match up with reality, but the people in charge of the video game are just looking in a different direction instead of fixing the things that fans have criticized.

They announced new packs in recent hours, and it's fair to say, fans are pissed off with this update. The developers of the game decided to make 'position locks' on the MyTeam Mode, so for instance, a player whose natural position is center couldn't play as a point guard or small forward.

Well, now the 2K team announced 'out of position packs', raising a lot of eyebrows in their community after their Twitter announcement.

Of course, fans were quick to call them out, pointing out that they had these position locks and now they releasing packs trying to fix that mistake.

Some agreed that people could use that in their favor and put players like Giannis at the one, but for others, the decision goes beyond that.

The new edition of NBA 2K was expected to bring something new, refreshing, but it's getting more and more bad comments in recent weeks. De'Aaron Fox claimed NBA players don't stream the video game because it's bad but the developers and the decision-making team aren't doing anything to change that.