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NBA 2K Fans React To 2017 Luka Doncic Picture And Rating

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NBA 2K Fans React To 2017 Luka Doncic Picture And Rating

Luka Doncic is one of the best players to currently play the game. The Slovenian superstar has enjoyed a meteoric rise during his time in the NBA, but just a few years ago, he was just another prospect looking for his chance in the biggest basketball league in the world.

NBA 2K is the most popular basketball video game in the world. In 2K17, Luka Doncic was on the roster of Real Madrid, and his rating was less than favorable.

The 2K17 version of Doncic is underrated, while the player model doesn't look like him at all. NBA 2K fans reacted to Doncic's video game character.

brandonkg23: I didn’t know they had Tom Holland in 2k 🧐

jayoutthewomb: Everyone gotta start somewhere

_jeremiah.08: 59😂 wasn't even a 60

_schlatt.80_: Didn’t even look like that 3 years ago💀

09_kawaki: Luka Doncic before evolution

azeemk789: dudeee I remember that player, 59 overall🤣

caseytanenui: now, they be doing him dirty every year from then

iwannagetboba: Looks like one of the Lopez brothers😂 And in 3 years they gave him like a +35 overall lmao

anze_gradisek: Lol this looks nothing like Luka

Luka Doncic's NBA 2K character was clearly not representative of his actual talent. Most fans agree that the player model doesn't look like Doncic. In 2K20, however, he does get a lot better. The progression is wild to see, and in a few short years, Luka Doncic went from being a teenager on Real Madrid to one of the best young talents in the NBA.

Luka Doncic finally got his deserved overall in 2K20. As fans, people will hope to see him develop even further, and one day take over the entire league.