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NBA 2K Finally Gives Fans The Michael Jordan vs. LaVar Ball 1-On-1 Duel

Credit: B/R Gaming

Credit: B/R Gaming

NBA 2K has finally given us a very visual representation of what could happen if LaVar Ball and Michael Jordan played a one-on-one game of basketball. The Ball family patriarch called Jordan out two years ago and now that LaMelo Ball is part of the Charlotte Hornets, the NBA community has started to make jokes about the hypothetical game between MJ and Ball.

Well, since none of this appears to be happening in the near future, B/R Gaming showed the fans a video where they simulate what is going to happen if Jordan and Ball actually got into it to settle this issue once and for all. As you can imagine, there was no competition between the two protagonists of the game.

MJ dominated the game from the beginning to the end, scoring 12 consecutive points without response. In the end, LaVar recovered some territory but that was useless against His Airness, who finished the job in great fashing, shooting from beyond the arc. Dunks, fadeaways, and more plays were used by Jordan, who didn't leave a chance to LaVar and his big mouth.

The former New York Jets player has done a terrific job taking his sons to the NBA. All three are in the league right now, but Ball's talents with the ball aren't that great. If he played MJ at some point, the result would've been the same without any hesitation.