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NBA 2K Mixtape: LeBron James And Bronny Jr. Playing Together In LA

Credit: SHADY00018

Credit: SHADY00018

LeBron James is probably the best player after Michael Jordan, but recently he said that his dream is to play together with his son Bronny Jr.

But, he doesn't need to wait for the next 4-5 years. Youtuber Shady00018 created a great mixtape with LeBron James and Bronny Jr on the court, playing together on the Lakers roster. Check it out.

Also, LeBron James reacted and posted the video on the Instagram:

“Bronny” has been turning heads for years now and he looks like a more complete version of his old man, already having a well-developed jumper, the lone liability in James’ game during his youth years.

Also, considering how the King takes care of his body and how healthy he’s been throughout his entire career, playing until he’s 40 is a true realistic possibility, especially if that gives him the chance to play side by side with his very own son.

This would be one of the most iconic situations professional sports will ever see, and having the chance to compete for an NBA Championship with your son is something that may inspire a lot of filmmakers, especially considering they’d be playing in Hollywood.

Hopefully, this NBA 2K mixtape becomes a reality in a few years.