NBA 2K Really Made Bradley Beal Worse After He Became The League's Scoring Leader And An All-Star

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Bradley Beal has been balling this season but it seems like certain people haven’t paid attention to the Washington Wizards star. After a very rough start to the season, Beal and Russell Westbrook have improved their level and so has the team, who finished the first half of the season winning 8 of their last 11 games.

Beal earned an All-Star nod this campaign, is actually getting the respect he lacked in the last couple of years but it seems like not everybody is following him this season. The shooting guard is the leading scorer of the NBA with 32.9 points per game and has taken his game to the next level but the people behind NBA 2K21 don’t think the same.

They updated the ratings for the players on the video game and instead of improving Beal’s, they lowered it. Why? That remains unknown for the fans. They didn’t miss their chance and took to social media to slander 2K for this questionable decision.

Bradley has been nothing but great for the past couple of seasons and this one, things have really taken off for him. The guard is having the best campaign of his career but he still gets disrespected around the league.

He was the reason the Wizards were invited to the bubble last season and this one it’s the same. Now he has the help of Russell Westbrook and things are getting better for them but some people just don’t want to appreciate how well Beal is playing right now.