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NBA 2K13 Celebrity Team Ratings Were Wild: Justin Bieber 91, S. Kingston 97

NBA 2K13 Celebrity Team Ratings Were Wild: Justin Bieber 91, S. Kingston 97

Almost in every edition of NBA 2K, fans have seen something that didn't sit well or was extremely curious with them. Sometimes it was certain teams being better than others that didn't deserve it, players who couldn't make a play they make every single night, and more.

One of the most infamous cases in recent years involves the ratings of a team of celebrities that were just mind-blowing. In NBA 2K13, the Celebrity Team ratings were just... Quite interesting. That year, they had big names like Justin Bieber, Bow Wow, Sean Kingston and Meek Mill. Well, those ratings were incredibly high for these celebrities, even surpassing what pro players could do on the game.

Sean Kingston had an overall rating of 97, Justin Bieber 91, Bow Wow 92 and DJ Pauly D 91. You see where this is going and how crazy that was in the eyes of many fans. Meek Mill had 71, though, and that seems pretty fair for him but ironically unfair knowing the ratings of his teammates.

Sideline Sources shared this memory on Instagram and a lot of people reacted to it, most of them going after Mill and his poor rating while others made fun of the rest of the celebrities on the list.

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celebrity 2
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Times were wild in 2013 and this was a big proof of that. We have seen some celebrities having big games during the All-Star Weekend like Quavo, Common and more, but none of them was so good to have a 97 rating on 2K. Well, times have changed now but fans are asking the company to bring this back. It surely was a lot of fun.