NBA 2K21 Reveals Female MyPlayer Characters Will Be Available In New Edition

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Credit: TotalProSports

Credit: TotalProSports

The 2K company is trying to innovate the new installment of the popular video game. Given that the rosters won't be updated until the draft and the free agency happen after a new champion is crowned in the Orlando bubble, there isn't much to do for the developers to create an interesting game.

However, they may have found the key to keep fans entertained and attracted to the video game. One picture of female MyPLAYERS went viral on Twitter in recent days, which reveals one of the new features in the video game.

“WNBA is Game in NBA 2K21: WNBA Returns with a Focus on Life as a Pro," appears as the title of the photo.

This year things have been different for the people in charge of the game. It was made amid a global pandemic and with the league suspended so it wasn't like they had a lot to do and the resources to create a whole new experience for fans. Well, this changes things a little bit if it's true.

They recently released the soundtrack of the game, the current-gen trailer featuring Damian Lillard and it's unclear what's next. Perhaps in a couple of days, they will confirm the female MyPlayers.

That would be a terrific move for the company. Not only boys play basketball and girls will be more interested to play the video game if they feel they're properly represented.