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NBA 2K22 Had A Massive Bug Where Free Agents In MyNBA Became 99 Years Old

NBA 2K22 Had A Massive Bug Where Free Agents In MyNBA Became 99 Years Old

NBA 2K22 is ending its life cycle soon, with the publishers already getting ready for the release of NBA 2K23. The new game will feature Devin Booker on the standard edition cover and Michael Jordan for a special 'Jordan' edition and the 'Championship' edition. The countdown has already begun, but avid players are still grinding it out on NBA 2K22.

Outside multiplayer modes like MyTeam and The City, a lot of NBA die-hards keep playing the game's league simulator, also known as 'MyNBA'. Players can customize rosters, initiate rebuilds, and basically do anything in a sandbox mode that gives them full control of the league.

The mode is a favorite of hardcore fans but hasn't been getting as much attention from the developers as the multiplayer modes do. As a result, a massive bug plagued MyNBA where 90-year-old free agents were becoming available to sign, according to VGR.

If there is a popular video game made, it will run into bugs sooner or later. NBA 2K22 has been living through bugs from the day it was released. The developers have been quick to issue patches whenever they can, but the game has had multiple issues over its life cycle.

One of the most notable bugs people face in MyNBA is the inability to progress deep into a simulation with a custom roster, as the game usually hits certain points where it enters a cycle of crashing and restarting. In addition, there is also no way to sort shared scenarios by most downloaded, with the menu permanently glitched to show the newest scenarios shared by players of the game.

Fans of MyNBA will be optimistic about NBA 2K23 and these issues being fixed. However, it is unlikely as MyNBA is the only mode that is completely free of monetization. 2K will continue focussing on their multiplayer modes where players actively spend money to buy virtual currency.