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NBA Fan Creates A 2-Foot Stephen Curry In NBA 2K To See If He Can Make A 3-Pointer

NBA Fan Creates A 2-Foot Stephen Curry In NBA 2K To See If He Can Make A 3-Pointer


Stephen Curry keeps proving doubters wrong on the court, showing his quality in the 2021/22 NBA season. His Golden State Warriors boast the league-best record 15-2, sitting atop of the Western Conference standings. 

Curry is just too good and makes everything seems easy. His work ethic is remarkable and he's done a terrific job improving his level, becoming the superstar he is right now. Steph is having an MVP season, getting a lot of attention as the favorite to win the coveted award. 

Just like he proves doubters wrong on the court, he does it off the hardwood. One fan got to work to see if a tiny version of the 2x NBA MVP can make a 3-pointer in NBA 2K22. 

TikTok @imdullah had this curious idea and made it a reality. He created a 2-foot tall Curry and made him face the Los Angeles Clippers to see if his talents were still enough to sink a 3 regardless of his height. 

Initially, he couldn't get past his opponents, getting stopped every time he attempted a long-range shot. After that, he separated himself from the defenders, sinking an even longer shot, demonstrating he can make them from anywhere, pretty much as it happens in real life. 

Tiny Curry is already one of the greatest players in 2K history. It was tough, but he could make it, beating the odds once again. 

Meanwhile, real-life Curry is doing impressive things to lead his Warriors to a privileged position in the West. If he keeps this pace, Steph will probably win his 3rd MVP award next year. 

The Chef is on a mission this season, torching rivals night in and night out, demonstrating he's ready to make a statement with his Warriors.