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NBA Fans Argue Over NBA 2K21's Top 10 Best Shooters

(vai Shacknews)

(vai Shacknews)

NBA 2K is a game that prides itself on realism, even if the fans don't always see it.

Perhaps the biggest gripes with the series stem from their player ratings, which consistently dredge up some criticisms from fans and even players who feel a particular rating is a misrepresentation of a player.

2K's latest installment is no different, and fans have once again stormed social media to express their disagreements with some of the ratings -- this time, in regards to 3-point shooting, in particular.

The game's top-10 highest-rated 3-point shooters was the subject of controversy on Twitter, even earning a response from Wizards sharpshooter Davis Bertans and the Sacramento Kings official Twitter account.

In the comments, fans attacked the ratings, citing that guys like Kevin Durant, Trae Young, Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, and Damian Lillard were being disrespected for being too low.

To not include notorious shooters like Trae, Beal, and Booker within the top ten does seem like a mistake by 2K, but there's not much they can do but prove the company wrong with their performance in the upcoming season.

With action set to restart later this month, it might not be long before we see some folks raise their ratings. For now, we'll leave it up to the community to argue.