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NBA Fans Destroy Ronnie 2K After He Gives Himself 99 Overall Rating

(via Twitter/Ronnie2K)

(via Twitter/Ronnie2K)

NBA 2K isn't the most popular video game franchise at the moment. Between sneaky and border-line greedy monetization tactics, broken gameplay, and questionable player ratings, there is much to gripe about, even as the next generation of consoles sits on the edge of release.

So when Ronnie 2K posted a photo on Twitter calling himself the "GOAT," it's no surprise fans responded with hostility.

It all started with this photo, where Ronnie has himself, in the game, with a 99 overall rating.

Fans were quick to fire back and roast the man -- some in a joking manner and others, perhaps, a little more serious.


Many folks are still excited about the next-gen 2K21 release, so it will be interesting to see how it matches up to the hype.

As for Ronnie, hopefully, he's doing okay after that massive roast by the community. He seems confident enough in himself, but it's never fun being flamed like that, especially by those who are supposed to be your "fans."