NBA Fans Hilarious Reaction To NBA 2K21 Official Gameplay Trailer

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Credit: 2K

Credit: 2K

2K has released the official gameplay trailer for NBA 2K21, the new installment of the video game. Thursday morning saw the trailer surface to give fans a glimpse of the new edition of the simulator. This year, the game will have three covers which will show Damian Lillard, Zion Williamson and the late Kobe Bryant, respectively.

For this trailer, they used Lillard showing some of the new aspects of the game. There is a brand-new shot meter for this game and fans already started to show their discontent with it, claiming they didn't like it as soon as they saw the trailer.

Fans aren't happy with this and the rest of the features the game brings. They say it's just another extension for 2K2O.

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Besides this, we saw new animations for dribbles and dunks but the fans don't seem to care a lot about that. That shot meter is going to create a lot of debates around the league and will divide fans more than they were after 2K20 saw the light.

Seeing the circumstances happening when the game was developing, knowing that there won't be any new players in teams since the draft and the free agency will happen after the release of the game, that means players will have to wait for an update to see the new players in each team.

When people believed they were going to delay the launch of the game, 2K announced they were going to move just as planned.

Well, seeing the reactions of fans to the first trailer, it looks like they made the wrong decision and may see some people giving up on the video game.