NBA Fans Say Damian Lillard Doesn't Deserve To Have The Same Rating As Stephen Curry And Kevin Durant

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Curry Lillard

Damian Lillard is one of the cover athletes of this year's NBA 2K21 edition. He earned that with his grit, grind, and much-improved play, as he proved that he's one of the deadliest scorers in the league and best point guards in the NBA right now.

Lillard's reputation got a boost this season, especially after leading the Portland Trail Blazers to the playoffs in the bubble in Orlando. Then again, some people still believe that he's got a ways to go before sitting at the top-tier players' table.

That's why there was some discontent when NBA 2K21 announced that he had an overall rating of 95, which is the same as Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Needless to say, some fans just couldn't handle it and took to Twitter to voice their complaints about it.

Well, Lillard is one of the cover athletes so it's obvious that he's going to be slightly overrated. Stephen Curry barely played at all and Kevin Durant missed the whole season with an injury, so if anything, perhaps all of their ratings should be slightly lower entering the year.

Whether Lillard is in KD's or Steph's league is not for us to debate. What we can say is that he's made great strides as a player and as a leader since he made it to the NBA and that he's going to continue to put in that work to win an NBA Championship.