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New NBA 2K19 Gameplay Takes Things To The Next Level

NBA 2k19 Gameplay

The 2k19 hype is real and the fans are more than thrilled about their new game coming out on the 11th of September. The has been many trailers, sneak peaks and screenshots of 2k19 but they gave some gameplay for IGN to promote. The three videos show a full quarter of what's to come next month and the graphics look amazing. They were captured in the Xbox One X version, complete with 4K/60fps visuals.

There seems to be a new in-game feature called Takeover which displays on the player's icon and it catches on fire. Through this mechanic, their skills are buffed while they’re on fire. This could be one of many new features added to the game to change it up from previous years.

Three clips per

Bucks vs. Lakers Gameplay:

Pelicans vs. 76ers Gameplay:

Warriors vs. Rockets:

You can expect a better feel of the gameplay on the 30th of August when the 2k19 prelude comes out for download. Players can try out the MyCareer game mode and get an overall feel for the game. 2k sports have released a lot of content before release, giving us the option for pre-ordering and purchasing.